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by Lisa George

It is a sad fact of life but the more high-value assets you have in your home, the more likely it is you’ll be targeted by criminals who want to steal your possessions Though you might already have a few security features in place such as a burglar alarm, locked doors and a high fence, many burglars are becoming more sophisticated as technology develops.

If you are an individual of high net worth, you need to stay ahead of the capabilities of the burglars who might want to target you. This means that rather than relying on one means to deter them, you should layer your property and use multiple methods to prevent burglary.

Digital Protections
Modern security systems are increasingly making use of digital means to enhance the protection of your home. CCTV systems are a clear example of where more people are taking their security to the next level but additional security features such as external detection, personal attack and monitored alarm systems are also gaining ground.

Using a combination of these digital protections will not only put off potential burglars but will also provide evidence should it become necessary.

Physical Deterrents
As well as these digital tools, you should also think about the physical deterrents that get in burglar’s way. A locked gate and a high fence might feel like overkill but if you are worried that your house is vulnerable, these give you the first chance to stop someone gaining entry to your property. Add in a R.F.I.D (proximity reader) technology, and you are much less likely to be vulnerable to keys being copied and distributed.

Though many deterrents are digital, putting a CCTV camera in plain view is a good physical visual deterrent too as it tells burglars that you have a security system in place already. Making sure that your systems are regularly maintained and updated is also a good idea. (see link to maintenance video)

Staying Safe
Often the security of your property can come down to your own efforts and being sensible about what you do. For example, you should keep your doors locked as a standard practice to prevent people who might try the handle on a whim. Just doing a quick check of windows before you go out is another way that you can secure your home. Look out for windows left insecure if accessed from a flat roof, terrace or balcony.

Social media is another area where you should think more carefully about your activity. Posting your location on social media might be tempting, but it will also give your potential burglars a clue about when you are likely to be home and when your property will be conveniently empty. To be safe, stay offline while you are away and post any pictures and memories on your return. (See article about social media safety)

The more you can do to protect your home, family and valuable assets, the safer you will feel and the safer you will be. If you aren’t sure which methods are best for you, or you are worried that your current security is not good enough, get in touch with our staff today to find out what we can do for you.

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