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Alarm Systems

Be Alarmed

The importance of being prepared cannot be underestimated. We have a variety of burglar alarms suited to both domestic and commercial requirements. Have a browse and get in touch for further details on how we can keep you safe.

At Brook Security we are proud to be NSI (National Security Inspectorate) and NACOSS (National Approval Council for Security Systems) Gold approved suppliers and installers of burglar alarm systems for all varieties of budgets and required levels of security.


Home Alarm System

Home alarms are ideal for domestic premises and act as a deterrent for those trying to break into your home. On unauthorised entry the alarm will go off triggering a loud noise to startle any intruder and sound the alarm for help.

Private Monitored Alarm

For added protection & peace of mind monitored alarms are linked to a receiving centre, who will be notified if the system is triggered. The centre will instantly call your home and ask for a pre-set password. If this password isn’t provided or the phone isn’t answered, the police can be alerted.


Monitored Alarm System

Designed to alert a certain person when the system is triggered. This could be you, if the monitored alarm is for your business premises, or the police.


Business Monitored Alarm System

With this alarm system you will have access to an alarm monitoring company. If your alarm is triggered, a receiving centre is notified. The centre will call your home and ask for a predetermined password. If this password is incorrectly given or there is no answer, you, the designated key holder, or the police, will be contacted.


Wireless Burglar Alarm

A wireless burglar alarm can make all the difference. In homes with an alarm fitted, only 1% of burglaries occur. As technology has significantly improved in recent years, a wireless alarm system is a practical and cost effective measure to further protect your home.

Wireless burglar alarms use control panels and sensors to protect the property. They utilise infrared technology to detect movement, combined with sensors around your property’s windows and doors.