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Hold-Up – Personal Attack Buttons for your Business

Businesses and organisations will decide to install an Intruder Alarm System for three main reasons:

  1. Deterrent, in the hope that an intruder will choose another premises that does not have an alarm fitted.
  2. They want to protect their staff, assets, equipment, information and stock.
  3. They want to comply with insurance requirements to obtain content insurance for their business.

Typically, the Intruder Alarm System is designed to protect the premises when it is unoccupied.  However, some business owners/employees are at risk when they are at work carrying out their daily tasks.

Immediately you think of Betting Offices, Jewellers, Mobile Phone Shops and Technology Stores.  Businesses with high value attractive products too are desirable and easily disposable.  Better still cash itself.

The reality in some sectors is that it is not a question of if something will happen, it is more a matter of when.

Dynamic changes in how businesses operate now result in fewer workers or even ‘lone workers’ on-site at any one time.  Potentially vulnerable to attack, assault, robbery or worse.

Hold Up (Personal Attack) Buttons are live 24/7.  Ready for use in an emergency ‘life threatening situation’.

As part of our range of Commercial Monitored Alarm Systems,  our personal attack alarms; when linked to our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), Remote Monitoring Station, if the hold up button is pressed the Police will be notified.  The operator in the ARC already has all of the information they need, including your premises address and the unique reference number (the URN is confirmation of the Police holding the critical required information on their database).

Hold Up (Personal Attack) Buttons can be fixed in agreed locations of the premises near tills, safes, desks rest rooms or they can be portable and carried by the person during their working day (night).  They can also be carried when locking up/opening up the premises.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Hold up/ Personal attack buttons or indeed any of our commercial security systems and security services, please do get in contact either by phone, email or our handy online form and we will be happy to discuss your requirements further.