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Improving the Safety of Your Business with a Security Take Over

With technology advancing year after year, there are thousands of different types and grades of legacy systems across the business landscape.

Often, these security systems and setups are not working as well as they should be and need to be updated or have specific issues or failings.

In these instances, a security system takeover is one of the recommended options.

Engaging Brook Security for Your Business Security Takeover

In an ideal world, for the purpose of providing a comprehensive and air-tight service, we prefer to be engaged from the beginning to understand what is required of your security system. But we appreciate this isn’t always possible. Furthermore, we always want to provide you with a service that is as valuable as it is effective.

For this purpose, Brook Security can deliver industry-leading business security takeover services. No matter what state or type of legacy system you have in place, you can be sure that we will do our very best to work with it (providing it is compliant, operational and owned by the client). We’ll enhance it to provide you with robust security and complete peace of mind.

The Process and Considerations for a Business Security Takeover

What happens when we are invited to quote to take over and maintain and monitor an existing business security system?

There are numerous things to consider, including:

  • Is the property in the geographical area we cover (Southeast England)?
  • Are we familiar with the previously installed security equipment?
  • Do you own the system in place (some systems are only rented from the installer)?

If the answer to these initial questions is yes, we then look to conduct a visual inspection of your previously installed equipment and system.

Once we’re familiar with what we’re working with, we will discuss with you what the existing security system does and how it currently performs. We can then plan the best methods and processes for enhancing your system to improve your business’s security or bring it in line with insurance requirements and the level of protection necessary as dictated by your company’s security needs.

A proposal will be the next step – detailing how we plan to enhance the system, the changes we need to make and the work that will be required to do so.

You will then receive a detailed and all-encompassing quote to take over your installed security system along with in-depth explanations on any improvement recommendations we have spotted in the process.

At Brook Security, our goal is to provide you with the most suitable and effective security system setup for your business’s unique requirements.

For more information on our business security take over services, get in touch today.