Security in Churches & Listed Buildings

It is important to understand the risks churches face and furthermore how best to make them safe for the future.

For example, one of the main concerns is the security of the building.  Without security measures in place this can result in buildings being locked outside of worship time.

Like any building, it is an asset.  It is much loved by the community and measures are required to protect against crime and antisocial behaviour.

The theft of metal from church roofs is on the rise.  This has been one of the biggest heritage crime stories of recent years.

Theft of metal, typically lead, copper and steel are in high demand, consequently resulting in churches being vulnerable to this type of crime.  This results in the theft of the lead from the roof.   As many roofs are not visible from the ground the theft can be undetected for some time and can lead to major problems with water ingress to the building.

Solution – External Roof Alarm Systems use wireless technology.  This results in not needing to run surface cable through a listed building.