Wireless security alarms in the home

Wireless Security Alarms

Robust wireless security alarms can greatly reduce the risk of your home or business being burgled. In the past, having a fully wired security alarm was the only option, but in recent years the technology has significantly improved so that a wireless security alarm is now a practical and affordable measure to further protect your home. The days of unsightly wires or trunking are thankfully now a thing of the past.

Wireless security alarms connect the main control panel and sensors together using wireless technologies to provide seamless property protection. The systems utilise sensors that are discrete and designed to go unnoticed, blending seamlessly with the surrounding decor.

Motion sensors utilise infrared technology to detect movement, which can be adjusted to various detection settings. The motion sensors can be combined with window and door sensors to provide a complete security system to manage a multitude of intrusion scenarios.

A wireless security alarm can provide a robust and complete security solution for your home or business, or when combined with our other security services such as CCTV and access control systems, a more powerful and comprehensive security offering can be achieved.