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Monitored Alarm Systems

Monitored alarm systems provide an extra level of enhancement to a standard security alarm, with the solution tailored to suit your needs.

Monitored alarm systems are designed to send an alert when the system is triggered. This is linked to a receiving centre, who will be notified if the system is triggered. Once the alarm has been triggered, the centre will instantly call your home or business and ask for a pre-set password. If this password isn’t provided or the phone isn’t answered, the appropriate action will be taken to immediately alert the authorities about a break in. We work with a number of monitoring partners, including local police and also commercial monitoring systems such as BT Redcare and CSL Dualcom.

A monitored alarm system can give you even more peace of mind that your home or business premises are protected. When combined with our other security services such as CCTV and access control systems, we can create a comprehensive and powerful security system by layering this security services.

With a monitored alarm system installed we enable you to feel at ease knowing your property is monitored and protected at all times.