CCTV Systems

Brook Security offer a wide range of state of the art CCTV systems.  These allow you to monitor the safety of your home or business wherever you happen to be.

CCTV is extremely important for preventing and deterring crime, whilst providing peace of mind.  Acting as a visual deterrent with footage which can later be reviewed to pursue criminal proceedings. Our high quality CCTV security cameras can be positioned for optimum protection of key areas.

For homeowners, this is particularly important for large properties.  Whilst being vital for for residents who spend extended periods away from home. For businesses, CCTV systems are essential in monitoring security, health & safety compliance, marketing & management and crowd control. With British retailers currently reporting staff thefts of around £500 million every year, CCTV is an essential addition to any commercial property

CCTV cameras come in all shapes and sizes, hidden, covert, overt and fixed cameras.   With footage visible online through laptops, computers and smartphones (via an app), gives the ability to access the footage, whilst on the move. Recorded footage that is always accessible will give you peace of mind being able to monitor your property whilst away.

While the quality of CCTV recording has improved greatly over recent years, so too has the technology behind them. With modern CCTV systems being powered by intelligent software it can perform highly advanced functions such as facial or object recognition and sorting, making it even easier to find would-be criminals.

At Brook Security, we believe that CCTV is a cornerstone of any robust security system, and when combined with our other security solutions such as security alarms and access control systems, a complete and powerful security system can be achieved.

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