Proximity Readers

At Brook Security we offer a range of proximity readers.  Giving complete ease of use when accessing your home or business. This type of reader is the most popular access control system of the last 10 years.  It grants users entry and exit without the need to insert or swipe a card or other device. For many situations, proximity readers have replaced swipe card technology outright.

Available in key fob or card format,.;  The readers don’t require physical contact and typically have a range up to 50mm.  Also giving the opportunity to include a longer range for barriers and shutters for larger properties.

Proximity readers have many advantages where varying access levels for multiple users are required.  For example a large home or business environment.  When pre-configured they can provide users access to areas of the site as permitted.

For commercial environments, providing only your staff with proximity cards can ensure only authorised persons are able to access the office, protecting your property and also giving you the ability to track who comes into the office.   Protecting your confidential data and equipment.

A keyless system can prevent the chances of cloning the devices to grant access to the property, and limit the chances of a break in.  Providing extra security to the property, limiting those with access.

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