Gate Security

At Brook Security we offer a comprehensive range of gate security systems for your home or business.

Automated gate security has many excellent benefits, such as increasing privacy whilst preventing vandalism and theft. Gate security systems can prevent access from unwanted visitors, and stop prying eyes on the property from a distance. Burglars often scope buildings before targeting them. Security gates can make this difficult to do, and add an extra layer of protection to your property.

Gate security usually includes vandal-resistant entry panels that come complete with an entry phone system which can be a traditional telephone style handset, or depending on your preference, a hands-free wall mount unit or telephone interface. GSM versions are available where wiring is not practical. The installation of these systems gives you the ability to control entry to the property and obtain added privacy from the security gates.

For commercial properties, security gates are also designed to keep a record of who is on the site at any one time, whilst restricting public access.

Security gates are typically installed for:

  • Domestic properties
  • Flats and apartments
  • Industrial businesses
  • Private car parks
  • Offices