How to keep your home freakishly safe and secure from criminal damage and burglary this Halloween

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by Lucy Hall

Halloween brings out the tricksters who want to cause damage and the thieves who want to treat themselves to a new toy. According to research burglaries increase by around 26% during Halloween and during Bonfire Night claims are on average 21% higher than on any other normal day.

So how can you ensure that your home or property is safe and secure from both criminal damage and burglary around Halloween?

Trick or Treat?

If you go out Trick or Treating with young children, even if it’s just locally, always lock your doors and close your windows. You don’t know what ghouls are hiding waiting to sneak into your home as you leave.

Keep a light on if you can to make it look like you are still inside the property.

Trick or Treating is becoming more and more popular and more children (And often adults) are coming out to knock doors than ever before, if you don’t feel comfortable answering the door, simply don’t answer. Use the doors peephole to check what type of ghoul is outside your door. If you are still unsure of who is knocking, open the door slightly with the chain lock on so you can see who’s there before you open the door fully.

What’s lurking in the shadows?

Burglars hide in dark areas until they are ready to make their move, this could be bushes or behind walls. The best way to deter these criminals is to ensure that the exterior of your house is well lit. You can also go one step further and install security lighting, motion sensor lighting is a great way to deter burglars.

Ghost Busting with CCTV

CCTV is both preventative, in that would be criminals think twice before committing a criminal act if they know they could get caught or recognised by CCTV. If a shadowy character does commit a crime on your property the CCTV will aid in investigations afterwards helping you catch the perpetrator.

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