Considering Security Requirements

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Brook Security
by Lisa George

Considering Security Requirements

Terry Roffey, MD of Brook Security discusses the importance of considering your security requirements.

Discuss your requirements with a Security Consultant.  Protecting your possessions and personal space enabling you to sleep at night.  Give yourself reassure by fitting an Intruder Alarm System including personal attack buttons. These raise alerts at the first sign of vulnerability.  An Intruder Alarm System protects your property whilst you are away from it as well as at night whilst you are there.  Part setting an Intruder Alarm System at night is always a good reassurance.  You can part set the system with the whole of downstairs alarmed as well as including windows upstairs.

Flat roofs on extensions are always a security consideration.  They are an easy way for a burglar to gain access to the upstairs of the property.

Layering your security enables additional protection.  Having CCTV installed is also a great way to record and replay back to look over a period of time that may have been of concern.  CCTV can be viewed from a mobile device whilst away from the premises.

When you are working with a Security Consultant it is always important to discuss all of your concerns.  This will enable them to tailor your system to your individual requirements and needs.