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Access Control Systems

Giving Access, Keeping Control

Access Control allows users to place restrictions on times and level of access, tailored to open barriers, gates and doors as required. Door Entry Systems provide controlled access for restricted areas, such as car parks, building entrances and exits, and areas/rooms for authorised personnel only. Keyless entry solutions can be easily fitted for single door security or networked multiple door security.


Door Access Control Systems

Door Entry Systems provide controlled access for restricted areas, such as car parks, building entrances and exits, and areas/rooms for authorised personnel only. Keyless entry solutions can be easily fitted for single door security or networked across multiple door security. This applies to standalone systems (such as entry gates) as well as networked PC control administration (for example, multiple office/door business buildings).

These door access control systems are designed specifically for standalone doors. Only authorised personnel are allowed access and the entry system restricts unauthorised use. All security doors can be programmed and networked back to the central PC.


Proximity Access Readers

Proximity access readers don’t require physical contact and typically have a range up to 50mm. There are long-range versions for barriers, gates and shutters though.

Proximity readers are the most popular access control system of the past 10 years and grant users entry/exit without the need to insert or swipe a card or other device.


Digital Door Locks

With a digital door lock you’ll only have access to restricted areas with a dedicated pin number. This door access control provides superb security and can be integrated with existing systems including video and intercoms. Digital door access control systems can be fitted quickly and easily and are perfect when only a small number of doors need to be controlled.


Entry Systems

Access control systems meet exceptionally high security standards and help to control the movement of people in and around buildings. These entry systems will improve workplace safety and security, whilst for a domestic purpose, will help deter and detect unauthorised access. Not only will entry systems control the access of individuals, but also record the location of someone within the building. Only with the right level of permission will personnel be granted access to restricted areas. These security measures can be tailor-made to meet your exact requirements and will open doors, gates or barriers.


Biometric Access Control

The high security biometric scanning system is programmed to recognise fingerprints. These entry systems are deemed as the most secure technology in the industry as they cannot be copied, unlike keys and cards.


Gate Access Control

Automated gates have a number of excellent benefits, such as increasing privacy whilst preventing vandalism and theft. For commercial properties, security gates are also designed to keep a record of who is on the site at any one time, whilst restricting public access.

Security gates are typically installed for:

  • Domestic properties
  • Flats and apartments
  • Industrial businesses
  • Private car parks
  • Offices

Proximity Card Readers

In terms of popularity, proximity card readers seem to top the pile when it comes to access control entry. For many commercial properties, the proximity card reader has replaced swipe card technology outright. Rather than swiping or scanning, proximity cards can typically be identified from 50mm. There is also the opportunity to include a longer range for barriers, shutters and gates.


Commercial Gate Access Control

Our audio door and gate access control systems are contemporary, vandal-resistant entry panels that come complete with an entry phone system. They are the ideal security package for commercial properties. The system comes with a door entry phone in a traditional telephone style handset, or depending on your preference, a hands free wall mount unit or telephone interface. GSM versions are available where wiring is not practical.


Office Access Control

Office access control can be installed for a standalone office or offices in a larger commercial setting. The system is designed to restrict access to only authorised employees and protects the premises from intrusion and theft. Your office will likely contain personal and highly protected data, plus expensive equipment such as laptops, screens and photocopiers.


Office Proximity Cards

Proximity cards are popular for office access control and are provided to each employee so they can gain access. For larger buildings, these cards can be pre-configured to provide users access to other areas of the site as permitted.


Office Digital Door Locks

A third security option for your office is digital door locks. These systems are regarded as high security because the access card can’t be stolen or misplaced. Instead, a predetermined pin number is required to access the office.