Brook Security | CCTV
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Security Cameras

Our high performance security cameras can be custom positioned to view key security areas. Our security systems can be viewed in real time in the cloud and can be rewound to review footage. Copies of the event can be digitally archived for passing to authorities. This combination of position and viewing ensures security for the protection of property and people.



CCTV is extremely important for preventing and deterring crime, whilst helping peace of mind too. CCTV cameras act as a visual deterrent and footage can later be reviewed to pursue criminal proceedings.  CCTV cameras come in all shapes and sizes for various purposes from hidden, covert, overt and fixed cameras.  Footage can be seen online through laptops, computers and mobiles.


CCTV Maintenance

To keep cameras in order, fully functioning and recording what is most important an annual check is carried out as part of our service package.